Chris Cook Performance Tactical



Courses are designed specifically for the customer with maximum time behind the wheel to hone and develop skillsets. These can be broken down into four major categories, with the ability for the driving portions to be conducted under Night Vision Goggles both on and off-road:

  • On-Road High Speed Vehicle Control
 Off-Road High Speed Vehicle Control

  • Off-Road Recovery: Performed onsite or during a multi-day long range trail mobility exercise.
  • Operator Level Maintenance and Field Repair class in CCP’s 2,200 square foot shop with two vehicle lifts. (1 Day)
  • Mobile Training Team at customers’ location utilizing and training with Unit specific equipment is also available.

The Tracks

  • Podium Club, Casa Grande AZ. 

The Intent

To provide a “turn key” solution to any on or off-road mobility training need while passing on critical lessons learned to ensure mission success and safe return of U.S. equipment and personnel. Courses are based off subject matter experts. We’ll use military and civilian vehicles in denied and semi-permissive environments.


  1. Day/Night obstacle avoidance

  2. High speed vehicle control on and off-road 

  3. Training in multiple vehicle platforms. Manual/Automatic transmissions, front/rear wheel drive, 4WD/AWD, low and high center of gravity vehicles to reduce chances of avoidable driver induced roll overs and mishaps.

  4. Participants- All courses are held at our private location on Podium Club at Attesa. CCP is capable of hosting 5 to 20 participants at a time.

  5. Course Content Plugins- Classroom discussions on mechanical breakage prevention. Track focused drills include- Controlled, low speed, tight radius reverse out of a checkpoint; Driving techniques under Night Vision Devices; Surface transition from dry to wet, downed vehicle recovery, low visibility/reduced signature vehicle operations, wet/dry pavement drifting/extreme car control.